Southern Environmental Services, Inc. (SESI) is a construction and demolition company specializing in universal waste handling & disposal throughout the Southeast United States. We have a long history of providing start to finish project solutions with a strong focus on safety, client satisfaction, and on time job completion.

Universal Waste Handling & DisposalDuring construction and demolition it is possible for dangerous substances to be disturbed and exposed. This can present a health risk to those present at the job site and surrounding areas. As a precaution, some hazardous waste disposal may be required and SESI is experienced with various methods of containment and removal. You need someone who is knowledgeable and fully-equipped for any situation to avoid dangerous and costly problems. We maintain strict compliance with all local and state regulations and are licensed and insured in most of the South-Eastern United States. Our customers are protected against liability issues for long after the work is complete. Our aim is to provide environmentally conscious, flexible, and cost-effective solutions for all of your hazardous waste disposal objectives and requirements.

Southern Environmental Services, Inc. is growing, we started out providing universal waste handling & disposal in Atlanta, GA, but now our teams are helping residential and commercial clients alike in Florida, Alabama, North and South Carolina, and Maryland. We are experts in the professional handling and transportation of your hazardous materials. Once SESI is involved with your project you will work with an experienced project manager who will direct our team through the job’s completion. Contact us today to find out how we can help!

Universal Waste Handling & Disposal

[gdl_gallery title=”Universal Waste Disposal” width=”135″ height=”135″] SESI is in full compliance with all applicable governmental and environmental agency guidelines at the national, state and local levels. Click here to see our licence and insurance information. Not only do we provide the most professional environmental services in the Southeast, we serve the entire United States. Learn more about SESI, Inc and our over twenty year history of serving the Southeast.