Lead-Based Removal following (RRP) Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting Program

Chemical Paint Stripping and Blasting

For removal and disposal of damaged and weathered lead-based paint we use chemical paint stripping and blasting procedures that are safe and effective. The type of procedure may vary depending on the location of the paint or other environmental concerns. In all cases, we discuss fully the implications of the process, the time to completion and guarantee the result.

Encapsulation, Encasement and Restoration

In many cases the condition of the paint does not warrant removal. For these projects we use the latest techniques for safe encapsulation and encasement of the lead-based paint with compounds that provide a secure, protective barrier. These procedures allow a project to proceed without undue delays and costs. We are happy to consult with you about which of these processes is the best protection for you and your property.

Historical Rehabilitation Consulting

Rehabilitation of an historical property can be a delicate and exacting project. SESI can consult with you about the best approach to preserve your property. We have experience with many types of historical preservation projects and understand the importance and unique nature of each one, always customizing our approach to ensure the historical integrity of your structure.