Asphalt RecyclingRecycling of asphalt pavement can save money for local governments, businesses, other purchasers, as well as creating additional business opportunities. In addition, it can save energy when recycling is done, while conserving diminishing resources of aggregate materials and petroleum products. Asphalt Recycling can help businesses reduce waste removal costs. Asphalt can be reclaimed during demolition operations and from “planning” during resurfacing operations. Aggregate suppliers and asphalt contractors are beginning to accept reclaimed asphalt for a “tipping fee” significantly lower than the cost of landfilling the material and to supply recycled asphalt of sufficient quality for many applications.

As landfill costs for Construction, Demolition, and Land clearing debris (CDL) continue to rise and the landfills become more heavily regulated, it makes economic sense to seek alternative means of disposal of asphalt that is taken up during construction and demolition. Southern Environmental Services, Inc., (SESI) can provide the service you require for just this purpose. More and more disposal sites are becoming un-available and as such contractors are routinely incorporating recycling into their operations to decrease disposal costs.

Recycled asphalt can be an economical alternative to new asphalt. SESI Project managers can ensure that contractors are aware of opportunities and benefits of recycling this material and to use recycled material in other subsequent construction uses.

SESI with our innovative technologies, can arrange and assist you in this process to help incorporate an asphalt-recycling program for you and your business.

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