Mold InspectionFor over ten years Southern Environmental Services, Inc., (SESI), has been performing mold inspections. Our trained professional staff has helped both businesses and residential clients identify mold and potential mold problems. The mold inspections are complete and thorough and are conducted in a manner, which encompasses several contributing factors. We start by asking a set of in-depth questions specifically tailored to recognize and qualify potential historical factors, which may indicate problematic exposure to the existence of past or present moisture related circumstances that cause mold.

In conjunction with the Questionnaire, an extensive physical survey of the property and building will be conducted. This survey will include (yet not be limited to): landscape, for type of vegetation and slope of grade surrounding property – building deterioration – type of construction material – type of windows – basement type (structural or slab) – crawl spaces – attics – room by room – ventilation – HVAC – etc. SESI employs the latest state of the art instrumentation while conducting the inspections. Thermal Imaging Infrared scanners provide valuable information on moisture to find water behind or in walls, carpet, and other floor types, which is important in the detection of potential mold colonies. The Bore-o-Scope is utilized to inspect the interior cavities of walls and/or floors.

At times it may be necessary to acquire samples. Sampling (when necessary), may be required for both viable and non-viable mold spores. SESI will test according to the results of both, the Questionnaire and the Physical Survey. SESI uses a certified EPA approved laboratory, EMSL Analytical Incorporated, a nationwide laboratory with Mycologists holding PhD’s in the field of Microbiology for identifying and quantifying mold spores. SESI will explain the written report of the results provided by the laboratory.

Let SESI assist you in the mold inspection process to help protect your home or business.