SESI has over 20 years of expertise in demolition services including commercial, industrial and residential.

Managing construction and demolition can constitute a significant increase in cost to a business. Our expertise in demolition services including commercial, industrial and residential demolition has been gained over many years and is just a part of the professional service offered by Southern Environmental Services, Inc, (SESI).

Demolition Services

Because each site is different warranting different demolition techniques, SESI with our innovative knowledge, will tailor the method of demolition to suit your particular needs.

Based out of Marietta, Georgia, we maintain an operation, which encompasses the entire southeast. Some demolition procedures may generate some wastes, such as asbestos and lead, requiring careful and perhaps expensive handling techniques in order to avoid endangering public health or the environment. Even non-hazardous substances must be properly managed to ensure safe handling and economical disposition.

Our demolition services offer complete site preparation and development along with any associated asbestos removal, lead removal, environmental cleanup, trucking and land clearing. With our proven track record we can help reduce costs through carefully managed demolition, recycling and disposal practices. Since each project is different, generating its own unique combination of wastes, our project managers are flexible and creative in findings ways to reduce, reuse, or recycle the various types of waste.

Contact SESI today to discuss your project and how we can contribute to your demolition success.

Demolition Services