What services can Southern Environmental provide to assist in the identification, remediation, and/or control of an apparent lead paint problem?

Southern is a full service environmental testing and remediation company. Although we specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial lead paint abatement and restoration, we also have the capabilities to conduct initial testing and assessment. We have established an on-going relationship with a number of AIHA accredited laboratories and Board Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH's), who are [...]

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Once confirmed of its presence, does lead paint have to be removed from building components for it to be considered safe?

No. There are no current regulations that apply specifically to commercial and industrial settings which require that lead - based paints be removed from occupied buildings prior to occupancy, except when painted surfaces will be disturbed and damaged such that a lead hazard may be created. When these lead painted surfaces are disturbed, either through [...]

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Are there other sources of lead in the environment to be concerned about?

As noted above, there are many sources of lead in the environment, including drinking water, food, emissions from gasoline combustion, industrial air emissions, and of course paint coatings. Although the principal route of exposure for people in the general population is through food, the most common route of exposure in the construction industry may equally [...]

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How much lead in paint is considered dangerous to human health?

In theory, any detectable level of lead in paint can present a potential of exposure when paint coatings are damaged and/or are disturbed through construction activities. The extent and level of this exposure is commonly determined by the route and site of exposure, duration and frequency of exposure and, concentration or dose. Because there are [...]

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