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What action should be taken to prevent or limit mold growth in buildings?

Building design, construction, operation, and maintenance can each contribute to building faults and failures that result in mold impaction of installed building materials. As complex and interrelated as various aspects of building performance can be, the common denominator in all cases of mold-impaction is the availability of water. Humidity and condensation can promote mold growth. [...]

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What effect does mold have on construction products and materials?

Molds alter, and essentially breakdown the organic structure of the substrate that supports its growth. This process is commonly referred to as rot. Wood rot is a well known condition resulting from fungal colonization. Molds also release dyes as metabolic byproducts that can stain some building materials (the non-scientific term "mildew" refers to the staining [...]

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Where does mold come from (in buildings)?

Mold spores, the reproductive element of molds, are small (1 - 5 microns) and light bodies, with aerodynamic properties that facilitate their transport by air currents. Millions of mold spores may be released into the air from a single fungal colony. Mold spores can reach ambient (outdoor) air concentrations of up to 20,000 spores/m3 of [...]

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What services can Southern Environmental provide to assist in the identification, remediation, and/or control of an apparent asbestos problem?

Southern is a full service environmental testing and remediation company. Although we specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial asbestos abatement and restoration, we also have the capabilities to conduct initial testing and assessment. We have established an on-going relationship with a number of AIHA accredited laboratories and Board Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH's), who are prepared [...]

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Once confirmed of its presence, does asbestos have to be removed from building components for it to be considered safe?

No. There are no current regulations that apply specifically to commercial and industrial settings which require that asbestos be removed from occupied buildings prior to occupancy, except when asbestos containing materials will be disturbed and damaged such that a hazard may be created. When these asbestos containing materials are disturbed, either through demolition, renovation, or [...]

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How much asbestos can cause illness?

The general population does not commonly become ill from asbestos they are exposed to. However, asbestos exposure becomes a health concern when high concentrations of asbestos fibers are inhaled over a long period of time. Individuals who are exposed on a day-to-day basis as part of their job are at highest risk of over-exposure. Although [...]

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